About us and our music.


We grew up and we live in the county of Hampshire, not far from the ancient city of Winchester, and the port cities of Southampton and Portsmouth. We have also travelled far and lived abroad, before returning to our roots, so there is a strong local and historical theme to some of our songs, and a more personal theme to others. They range from the serious to the (hopefully) amusing.


Our sound is sometimes acoustic and sometimes accompanied by ‘the band’, made up of friends and family, with electric lead guitar, keyboards and drums. Our music can reasonably be described as contemporary, English and original folk and folk-rock – our own compositions mostly, some more contemporary and some more traditional in style.


Our first album,‘Secret Lives’, we made in 2001; our second, ‘Stood on the Shore’ in 2006; and our third, ‘Far as far’ in 2010. You can listen to tracks from all three of them via our web site. We now have a fourth album, 'Bright Day' (2016).

We have played in folk clubs and at festivals, although we also play at concerts arranged by ourselves or by our friends, and often in aid of charity.
(Please contact us if you would like us to perform in aid of your favourite charity).

We have been playing together, and with others, for many years, including with Paul Gateshill, who assisted us on all three of our albums. The three of us, plus other friends, last made an album back in 1976, called 'Presence' - now re-issued as a CD double album. (See the Presence pages on this site)


Paul has also brought out two fine CDs (on which we assisted) called 'Years in the making' (2002) and 'Take my Hand' (2014). (Contact us to order copies). For a detailed "Musical Genealogy" showing where we've come from, who we've played with on the way, and what they and we have produced in the way of tapes, LPs and CDs over the years please see our web site. You can find out even more about us there from an Interview by our friend and leading UK music journalist Peter Doggett.

Our influences include: the Incredible String Band, Robin Williamson as a solo performer, hymns ancient and modern, English literature, and time spent living, working and playing at home and abroad, plus the fact that we are English. We are still exploring where all these influences might take us. We hope you will want to hear and will enjoy where we've got to so far.

Ivor & Kevan