___CD/Album 'Far as far' (2010)

The Songs - notes and lyrics*

(All songs written by Ivor and Kevan Bundell except where otherwise credited).

1. Gypsy Davey (tune traditional)

2. Stranger (K.Bundell/P. Gateshill).

3. Mr Lucas (Guitar and flute instrumental: I. Bundell/P. Gateshill).

4. The Towy and the Taf

5. Darwin at Downe

6. Turn Once (cello instrumental written by Ruth Green).

7. Death is at my Shoulder

8. Upon St George's Day

9. Time is on the run

10. Ashes to Ashes

11. Where have you gone to ?

12. Autopilot

13. Llangollen Canal

14. I sailed over the ocean deep

15. Far as far

16. Return to Zero

* Some lyrics files were created in 'Open Office' which no longer exists, but they should open in Word just as well.