Golden Fish

One summer we went fishing -
We caught a golden fish;
She said if we should let her go
She'd grant our every wish.

We stood & stared in wonder
Then jumped and jigged for glee
Like pirates proud of plunder -
We vowed that we'd go to sea.

We'd sail the seven oceans
To distant shores afar
And make our certain fortunes
And carry them home in a jar.


So I put her back in the river
And watched her swim away
Till the fire-eyed Kingfisher caught her -
And I swear that I heard her say:

"Your wishes are like water -
They whirl & spin & run!
I am the Emperor's Daughter;
You are the fisherman's son."


So I sailed the seven oceans
Till landing on this shore
My fortune found on holy ground
Where I had been before;
My footsteps fell on holy ground
Where I had walked before.

© Ivor & Kevan Bundell 2006