Hampshire Chronicle 11 May 2001

Fanciful musings put to music are all very well but there’s a special fascination about folksongs based on fact.

Take, for instance, the story of Peter Cluer, who lies buried in Droxford churchyard, having met a violent end nearly 300 hundred years ago.  In a case of mistaken identity, he was set upon by two brothers and shot by an accomplice at a spot near Waltham Chase known to this day as Clewers Hill.  His killers were tried at the Assizes and hanged.

When songwriter, Ivor Bundell (45), from Colden Common, came across the tale in a local history, it captured his imagination, moving him to put pen to paper.  Clewers Hill is one of the tracks on “Secret Lives”, an album that he and brother, Kevan (46), from Botley, have just released.  It keeps a foot in both camps - traditional and contemporary - with songs, all Ivor’s, that span a wide variety of subjects and influences.  There’s passion and patriotism and, yes, history, throughout, with points of reference ranging from the Roman Invasion, the rise and fall of the Royal Navy and the price of war to a real life tragedy at sea and the discovery of a perfectly-preserved 2000-year-old corpse beneath an Alpine glacier.

For Ivor and Kevan, the CD represents something of a comeback.  Although they are well known in Hampshire for their charity performances, it’s 25 years since, with friends, they last made an album.  Both multi-instrumentalists, they will be at the Winchester Folk Festival this weekend and at the city’s Hat Fair in July.  On Saturday, May 19th, they’ll be taking part in a charity concert at the Friends Meeting House, Southampton.

The CD “Secret Lives”, by Ivor and Kevan Bundell, price £10, may be obtained through www.bundellbros.co.uk or at their performances.



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