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'Stood on the Shore' (2006) ~The Songs - notes and lyrics (click on the titles) :

1. Mr Mitchell's Angel : The Spitfire - to those who built it, those who flew in it and above all to its creator R.J. Mitchell.

2. Widow of War : To the generation that lived through two Great Wars.

3. Wandering Jack : The character that Kevan would really like to be.

4. Waltham Blacks : In the 18th Century Hampshire had its own Robin Hood, who went by the name of 'King John'. (See 'Wigs and Hunters' by EP Thompson).

5. If wishes were horses : A love song - to the traditional Irish and hymn tune 'Slane'.

6. Hanging Tree : Ghosts haunt our English highways.

7. Slip away : Letting go of the past.

8. There's a thread runs through : Recalling the ideals of youth.

9. Who would true valour see : A song we borrowed from John Bunyan - to the traditional tune of 'Monks Gate'.

10. English Green : A hymn to English identity.

11. I loved her too much : Another love song, but this one a lament - to a traditional Irish tune.

12. Golden Fish : A fairytale.

13. Moving the meander : Ivor's 'Leech gatherer' moment. A true story (more or less).

14. It's not dark yet : A song for an old friend.

15. Thief in the Night : You won't see him comi . . . . .

All songs written by Ivor & Kevan Bundell except 9 and the tunes to 5 and 11.

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