'Stood on the Shore' (2006)

"Stood on the Shore" features songs by both Ivor and Kevan, and one we've borrowed from John Bunyan ~ fifteen tracks in all. (Click on the coloured text to play these tracks) :

1. Mr Mitchell's Angel - 2. Widow of War - 3. Wandering Jack - 4. Waltham Blacks - 5. If wishes were horses - 6. Hanging Tree - 7. Slip away

8. There's a threadruns through - 9. Who would true valour see - 10. English Green - 11. I loved her too much - 12. Golden Fish - 13. Moving the meander

- 14. It's not dark yet - 15. Thief in the Night

As with our previous CD, 'Secret Lives', we are assisted on "Stood on the Shore" by Shamini Bundell on keyboard and by Paul Gateshill on lead guitar, mandola and vocals. However, this time we have also tricked Bethany Friery into providing both vocals and a fine drop of flute. Marvellous ! Meanwhile Paul McKenna has provided some percussion and Paul White has beaten his drums for us . (Any other Pauls out there who would like to join in ? Sorry. Too late!).


The Songs - notes and lyrics.


The Players, etc.

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