Wandering Jack

From the Solent to the Solway Firth
I've wandered far and near
But I never stayed a day too long
'Til the day I saw her there.

For I'm a Wandering Jack I am
And I have no home to go
So I lay my head wherever I may be
And I bless my fortunate soul !

Her lips were red as a letter box
Her smile like the summer sky
Her hair shone gold as a mustard field
- In a word : she caught my eye.

So I stayed for supper - and for breakfast too
I stayed while the north wind blew
But an itch in my heel when spring came round
- Well, I mean, what's a lad to do?

Now whether and what I might have left with her
I don't rightly know
But I'll be sure to enquire when next I'm by
- Just as soon as the north wind blows!


© Ivor & Kevan Bundell 2006