1976--------------------Presence - CD 1- ----2016


1. Moment of you (K. Bundell/P.Gateshill)
2. Break down the walls (V.Towers/C.Coen)
3. Children (I. Bundell)
4. All for you (I. Bundell)
5. Laws of God (V.Towers)
6. Prayer (P.Gateshill)
7. Turning point (P.Gateshill)
8. Peace (V.Towers)
9. Presence (P.Gateshill)
10. Shepherd song (V.Towers)
11. God is love (P.Gateshill)

Bonus tracks:

12. O I used to hear you (N. Pritchard)
13. Stranger (K. Bundell/P.Gateshill)




Veronica Towers: vocals, guitar, Chinese finger cymbals, organ
Paul Gateshill: vocals, guitar (acoustic & electric), mandolin
Ivor Bundell: vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, tambourine
Kevan Bundell: vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, organ, recorder
Mike Waiting: bongos, drums, African pottery drums

Produced by J.I.M
Engineer : Dave Rohl
Assistant engineer: Mike Dee
Recorded at Indigo Sound Studios, Manchester
Special thanks to Dave
Design : Simon Stern / John Walsh / Kevan Bundell

Digitalised from the original master tapes by Cedric Colwell - www.mobilemusic-fareham.co.uk
Re mastered by Lewis Johns at The Ranch House Production House - www.lewisjohns.co.uk

Copyright New City, London, 1976 and this re-issue 2016 (except tracks 12 and 13, copyright the writers)

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