Far as Far

These new songs are once again all our own compositions and draw on our many years of writing, with some musical “quotes” from ourselves in the ’70’s and some songs that have been maturing for quite a number of years. Stories are told, as before, but there is also a more autobiographical flavour to many of the songs.

Exciting new avenues of musical exploration include: Ivor on Harp and Concertina and Kevan on Sitar and Bazouki. There are also many individual and outstanding contributions from our family & friends, including: Bethany Friery on flute and vocals, Anna Frazer on cello, Jeremy Clutterbuck on cornet, Paul Gateshill on lead guitar, Paul White on drums, Paul McKenna on drums and percussion, Harry Bundell on electric lead guitar, Maria Howells on vocals, Mick Daysh on flute, and Shamini Bundell on keyboards.

Ivor & Kevan.

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The Songs 

(All songs written by Ivor and Kevan Bundell except where otherwise credited).

1. Gypsy Davey (tune traditional)
2. Stranger (K.Bundell/P. Gateshill).
3. Mr Lucas (Guitar and flute instrumental: I. Bundell/P. Gateshill).
4. The Towy and the Taf
5. Darwin at Downe
6. Turn Once (cello instrumental written by Ruth Green, played by Anna Frazer).
7. Death is at my Shoulder
8. Upon St George’s Day
9. Time is on the run
10. Ashes to Ashes
11. Where have you gone to ?
12. Autopilot
13. Llangollen Canal
14. I sailed over the ocean deep
15. Far as far

16. Return to Zero


Ivor & Kevan Bundell
Far as Far (2010)
Their previous album Stood on the Shore (2006) was an excellent album of English folk music, and this follow-up is a logical evolution of their sound. They mine a rich seam of traditional material such as the wonderful opener Gypsy Davey, while their own material is written in a folk style which sits nicely alongside the songs by Anon. In particular, The Stranger is brilliant (and is co-written with long-term collaborator Paul Gateshill, whose fine lead guitar playing weaves in and out of this album), while Langollen Canal is beautifully evocative. The brothers are accomplished musicians, singers and songwriters, and their collaborations with family and friends are delightful accompaniment to the well-crafted songs on this record. –James R. Turner

Copyright © James Turner 2011

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