Tessa Glynne-Howell

Tessa passed away on the  31st  August 2013 at the age of 100.  My brother Ivor and I were not aware of her passing until some months afterwards.  This is the message we then sent to her family :

Ivor and I were pupils of Alan’s at Price’s School. We met Tess only after our school days, when we began to visit Alan following his retirement. After Alan’s death we continued to see Tess: she came to our children’s birthday parties; we invited her for Sunday tea, happily ferrying her from Fareham and back; and we arranged to drop in on her at ‘Everest’ whenever we could. She was always wonderfully positive despite the difficulties of her old age. We saw her last in the Spring. My mother and I went round for ‘elevenses’. Tess was rather deaf by then of course and the conversation was occasionally rather odd as a result, though she had always been quite adept at ‘secretly’ lip reading. However, it was, as always, a pleasure to be with her. We remember her with much love and affection and as one of our special honorary Aunts.